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The Best Inventions for People with Allergies

If you suffer from mild to extreme allergies, the struggle in having to always make sure you aren’t consuming something that could potentially harm you poses as a common problem.

Although restaurants and groceries stores list ingredients to what they put in their food, sometimes not everything is as transparent as one would like it to be extremely when individuals can have extremely sensitive and drastic allergies.

As one grows older, they can get accustomed to making sure that what their taking is safe for them to eat, but that could incur multiple life-threatening instances through trial and error of eating foods that they shouldn’t be eating. More importantly, children or kids with allergies are more susceptible to eating something they shouldn’t and have a harder time differentiating what is safe for them to eat or not.

Luckily, with innovation leading the products we use daily, inventors are making it easier to for people with allergies to consume products and food safely without the worry of failing into a dangerous situation.

The following products are some of today’s best inventions for allergies!

A Wearable Tech Invention for Kids With Allergies

Although there are many preventative ways to stop drastic allergy attacks, children more than anything are more susceptible to dangerous and life-threatening situations in where they could be almost helpless or unprepared in getting the medical attention they’ll need.

The Aibi is a product designed to combat and solve every situational problem that could occur if a child were to consume a product with a dangerous ingredient that could put themselves in danger. Designed as a wearable technology, the Aibi is a fun and cute bracelet for kids to wear that can track, notify and help them determine allergic reactions.

The bracelet features a portable version of an epinephrine auto-injector that works in the case of drastic situations as well as a medical emergency alert system to signal to adults to take action in the case of emergency. The bracelet is perfect for kids who could ever be potentially unsupervised unbeknownst of eating anything to which they are allergic.

If the child goes to a school in which there are no nurses or non-medical staff, the portable EpiPen is extremely helpful and is convenient if the child is in an area where there is no EpiPen available fast enough or for the fact that children are generally not qualified or strong enough to use an available EpiPen even if they needed to.

A Portable Food Scanner for Your Allergies

One of the hardest things about allergies is that trying to track down what foods are safe to eat is always a hassle. Sometimes not all restaurants or groceries stores are as transparent about everything they put into their food, so this can leave people with serious allergies at a major risk.

You might think it can be impossible to know everything that goes into what restaurants put into their food, but the Allergy Amulet is an allergy invention made to help people with allergies figure out if their food is safe.

This invention for allergies works in a 3 to 4 step process in where the user simply has to insert a test strip into their food and then into the allergy amulet case – the case using molecular detection will read the test strip and will confirm if the food is safe to eat or not. It also syncs with an app to allow the user to view and track their test results, as well as engage with other users with the same allergies through an online community.

Want to learn about another tech invention that tests food? Check out our blog on the Nima Sensor!

A Tech Product that Doubles as an Invention for Allergies

Sometimes not all inventions have to be specifically marketed at what they can be used for. The beauty of inventing is that by creating a great product, your product can work for multiple things in many different fields.

The Scio is marketed as a general consumer physics object that can scan objects and materials around you and provide instant information about its chemical makeup that can be sent directly to your smartphone.

The amazing thing about this invention is that although this is extremely handy for multiple scientific and educational fields, this is the perfect invention for those worried about their health. The Scio can track weigh, macros and calories, and not only that but doubles perfectly as a allergy invention.

The Scio works exceptionally as an allergy invention because it can scan not only what is in certain foods but also the concentration of ingredients in food. This is perfect not only for those who have serious allergies, but those with mild allergies as they can track how little or how much of something is included in their food and can then deem if its safe enough for them to eat.   

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