The Best Ways to Create a 2-in-1 Product ft. Mako Client!

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The term 2 in 1 isn’t a term that is rarely heard. Particularly within the product design realm, a lot of products claim be 2 in 1 using the term as it main selling point to attract consumers and clientele. There seems to be something more alluring and impressive about a product that is deemed 2 in 1, and for good reason! Building a product is never easy, especially when you have to incorporate function and design all in one. Sometimes inventors can get too out of hand with how they envision their products look and features, forgetting that the products design should revolve around its function instead of aesthetic. However, it is product with clever designs that put together in convenient ways that make a product possible to become 2 in 1, meaning that it is always entirely possible as long as the inventor remains strategic! Keep reading to learn more about the 2 in 1 product and the best ways to create one.

What is a 2 in 1 Product?

Like the name entails, a 2 in 1 product is simply a product that has and serves two different functions but put together all in one product design. Some products can still feature more than just two functionalities and still be deemed a 2 in 1 product, due to the fact that although the name entails that there’s two different functionalities, the name in general means that the product has more than just one function. The types of functions that a 2 in 1 product can vary as not all of them have to do with what the product was initially set out to do. For example, you can have a 2 in 1 product that applies to different markets or fields, creating a product that spreads across two different markets, making it more appealing for mass audiences.

The Benefits of a 2 in 1 Product

There are many benefits that come with having a 2 in 1 product, especially for an up and coming new business. Essentially, a 2 in 1 product serves as a main selling point to marketing your product and advertise out to audiences. When start-ups or new small businesses plan their products debut into the market, they first must categorize which market they plan on releasing and targeting their product into. This makes it easier to market and advertise to their audiences their product is targeted for. However, with a 2 in 1 product, because your product has two or more functionalities, you have different avenues and markets to explore with marketing your product into and attracting different audiences. The more audiences your product can reach, the better it is for your business to build customer relationships, a strong clientele, and a strong brand image that resonates, stands outs, and is memorable.  

How to Create a 2 in 1 Product

At Mako Design + Invent we constantly preach the idea of the ‘MVP’ – a minimal viable product. A minimal viable product entails that a product is designed as simply as possible, highlighting the products’ main functionality over its aesthetic design or any extra details. Sometimes when inventors begin their product design process, they can get overly excited about all the possibilities of how their design can look, but sometimes having too much on one product can hurt your product design and business rather than help it. For this reason, the best way to create a 2 in 1 product is to narrow down the multiple functionalities that you have in mind for your product and encompass the product design around those functionalities. This way, through creating a product that works well, marketing your product becomes easier. You’ll have more time after to focus on the aesthetics of the product. What matters the most with any 2 in 1 product is that it fulfills its function of being 2 in 1 and works.

Example of a 2 in 1 Product from a Mako Client!

As Mako Design has worked with many talented inventors with great ideas, it’s no surprise that we’ve come across product design ideas for 2 in 1 product! Tech is a great area to look into when thinking about a 2 in 1 product since implementing wi-fi, Bluetooth or other features into your product can open up a world of possible functionalities for your product. One of our greatest examples is our award-nominated, Kharaband! Invented by Harp Gahunia, Harp approached the Mako Design team with the idea of Kharaband, revisioning the way that consumers can incorporate wearable technology into their lifestyles. The Kharaband features the same multiple smart technologies that we see and use on other popular wearable technologies such as acting as a watch, health monitor, checking emails, and a GPS! What makes Kharaband different, however, is that it sports an extended and more powerful battery life that lasts up to 5000 hours!

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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