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New Innovative Tech: Digital Nose Sensor

Undoubtedly a guilty pleasure amongst a lot of people is watching video after video of restaurant visits or cooking videos online. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had the technology to smell the food you were watching, it seems as if technology is not too far behind!

Although there is yet to be an invention that would allow you to smell what you are watching, there are inventions and innovations being made that are making an effort to combine both smell and technology together in the hope of being able to integrate such a technology into our day-to-day lives.

New Innovative Technology from French Start-Up, Aryballe!

With a high passion for biochemical technology, a French tech start-up named Aryballe combines biochemical sensors, advanced optics, and machine learning to create a new innovative technology device that collects, displays and analyzes odour data.

Their main goal is to be able to digitize smell through hardware-enabled software and data platforms. As a result, the start-up hopes to create an innovative technology device that will help in applications within the automotive, consumer appliances, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries. Thus, Aryballe has created what is known as the ‘digital nose’, a device that exists as an odour detection sensor.

About Aryballe’s Innovative Technology, the “Digital Nose”

With the newest version of their ‘digital nose‘ out, Aryballe claims that their new innovative technology includes a sensor that is of high-vole, lower cost, and is small enough to be built into consumer appliances, which could be a big turning point and innovation brought to the world of product design and inventions.

The new sensor is made to be smaller than a paperclip and is equipped with Aryballe’s leading technology in biosensors that can capture odours in seconds. The odour is then sent to software that matches it using a database of previously collected and analyzed odours that mimic a human’s sense of smell.

Future of Innovative Technology and Scent Detection

With this new innovative technology in odour and scent recognition, Aryballe hopes that the digital nose device will be popularly used and become a helpful necessity to be used in kitchens where the device can be installed in house appliances such as ovens in order to “smell” when food is about to burn and automatically turn the appliance off.

Another use that Aryballe hopes the new innovative technology device can be used for is in fridges, where the device will notify you when certain foods are spoiling or at their peak ripeness. Furthering this innovation, the fridge would then be able to automatically add the foods that you need to replace to a grocery shopping list.

The newest digital nose sensor will be unveiled at CES 2020 and will be available later this year, with samples shipping out within the second quarter of the year.

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