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Innovative Products With a Great Design That Will Kickstart Your Morning in Style

One of the hardest things to do in the morning is simply having to get up! As a Toronto product design firm, the team at MAKO Design + Invent makes sure to get up bright and early in order to kickstart our day and immediately immerse ourselves in product design and creation.

However, with how dreary the mornings can be, we understand the importance of having great supporting and effective product designs to help keep us energetic and alive in the morning!

The All-In-One Alarm

Having an effective alarm clock is key to being able to wake up in the morning. Beddi is a smart and multi-functional alarm that works with your phone to wake you up in the best way possible. The alarm clock syncs with your phone’s Spotify account to wake you to some of your favourite tracks or the hottest songs on the charts.

Serving as an alarm clock, charging dock, Bluetooth speaker, and mood lamp, this alarm clock has everything you need to wake you up in the morning. The multi-functionality of the alarm clock is a popular and favourite way that our Toronto product design firm believes is a great way to make an effective product.

Not only does the product include multiple capabilities that are perfect for getting someone up and ready for their morning, but the alarm clock also syncs to its own compatible app, personalizing your experience to give you the weather and traffic updates whilst you get ready for your morning.

The Alarm Clock That Every Coffee-Lover Needs In Their Life

For most people around the world, one of the most vital and important traditions in waking up in the morning is getting up and having a cup of coffee. Sometimes, it can seem even more exhausting having to think about getting out of bed and waiting to prepare and make your coffee, but wouldn’t it be nice to immediately wake up to a freshly prepared coffee right by your bedside?

The Barisieur is a coffee lover’s dream. It combines an alarm clock and a coffee machine in one nifty device. The alarm clock helps to build a ritual for the user’s 5 senses, as the alarm will automatically use the sound of bubbling water or the smell of coffee to stimulate the user’s senses into relaxing and unwinding in the night, and again once more to wake them up in the morning.

Featuring a boiling and milk vessel that helps to boil the water and keep milk cooled overnight, the coffee brewer works hand in hand with your alarm clock to begin boiling and preparing a cup of coffee, to not only wake you up to the smell of coffee in the morning but to have a whole cup prepared and ready for you to drink as you get up!

From a Toronto product design firm that has a team full of members who love to drink coffee in the morning, this amazing invention is the perfect combination of an effective product design with a beautiful and sleek design that is perfect for any home.

Kickstart Your Morning with an Alarm Clock that Supports your Health

If coffee is not much of your thing, why not a warm glass of water? Designed by Kai-ning Huang and Yu-Yang Chen, Revive is a smart and effective product design that is not only helpful for waking up someone in the morning but also immediately targeting their health and starting their day off right! In our Toronto product design firm, we love to see products that not only serve one great function but also help serve a second function simultaneously. A warm glass in the morning of water has been known to be one of the best ways to help detoxify the body and get your bowels moving.

The alarm clock works by heating up a glass of water a few minutes before the alarm is set to go off; therefore, by the time your alarm goes off, a warm glass is already prepared for you! The glass is seated on a heated panel that shows the time underneath, giving a cool see-through design, the alarm is designed so that it won’t stop ringing until the glass is picked up. This is a great example of a super effective product design to not only wake you up in the morning but help support your gut and bowel health as well!

Be Ready and Prepared for Your Whole Day

Waking up is really half the battle when it comes to getting out the door in the morning. It’s important to have your day planned out and ready for you with all the stuff you need before heading out. If you have a long commute ahead or know that you’re going to be doing a lot in one day, having a supportive backpack to help you carry all that you’ll need throughout the day is key.

Working in a Toronto product design firm, we definitely understand the importance of being prepared and having everything you need on hand to be productive throughout the day, which is why we love the SportsHack ONE24 backpack.

Like its given name, the backpack is designed so that it works to carry everything you need for a full day of activities. Rather than having two bags for work and then the gym – SportsHack doubles as both! The design of the bag allows for it to be easily hung in lockers, features two separate compartments that create a barrier between your work items and clothes and your gym equipment, and is made of a durable quality that is equally stylish. The bag is full of different pockets and compartments for all your needs, including magnets for you to hang your earphones.

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO today and visit our website to find out more. Or feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO, and we can set you up on a call with our product strategist!

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