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Mako Client’s Cheese Saving Product + Other Cheese Inventions!

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular delicacies in the world is none other than cheese! The popular food has found its way to be integrated into hundreds of different recipes and cuisines worldwide. Because of this, cheese has become almost a staple in almost every household’s kitchen. With every popular food, item comes innovators and inventors worldwide looking for new ways to either use or store their favorite foods in the best ways possible. Seeing as how kitchen tools are a popular sector within the product design field, it’s not uncommon to see consumer goods specifically made for certain foods or cuisines that help foodies or family worldwide make the dishes they love! Not only are kitchen products great for preparing meals but making sure that you are efficient and as hygienic as possible when storing and using your foods is of utmost importance for busy families or homeowners who are always on the go. If you’re a big fan of cheese and love to incorporate the ingredient into your meals constantly, you’ll be glad to know that there are tons of unique inventions made to help your prepare and store your cheese in the best and move innovative ways possible! Below are some of Mako Designs’ favorite unique inventions specifically made for cheese!

A Cheese Cover for All Your Round Cheeses!

Cheese lovers worldwide know that there are always different kinds of cheeses! Because of this, it can be hard to find the proper storage for your cheeses in order to keep them fresh for later! If you’re a super-fan of cheese and by your cheeses in bulk – such as perhaps in their iconic cheese wheel forms – then you’ll definitely understand the frustration of trying to find or keep the best packaging for your cheese when you store it in the fridge. A smart and unique invention made to help solve this common problem is titled ‘El Corazon.’ The way this invention works is to simply slip in your cheese wheel into the protective sleeve and slide it closed when you want to store it away in the fridge. Whenever you’re ready to have a slice, simply slide it open again, and enjoy your cheese without the worry of it have hardened or gone bad. The design of the ‘El Corazon’ also sports a transparent cover to help you display your cheese when you have guests over – or to help you differentiate from the different kinds of cheese wheels you could have stocked in your fridge.

A Unique Invention Made by a Mako Design Client!

If you’re more of a simple fan or cheese or support a family where the more traditional and well-known kinds of cheeses are what you prefer to get from the grocery store, ‘The Cheese Sleeve’ is the perfect invention for you! As we all know, not all cheeses are made and formed the same way, while some might come in cheese wheels, most come in the rectangular shape we all know and love. One problem we face with most cheeses is the struggle with trying to keep them as fresh as possible after opening its package. A unique invention created by one of our clients at Mako Design is the rightfully named, Cheese Sleeve! This simple and extremely useful product slides right on top of your opened rectangular cheese packets and preserves the freshness of your cheese without the worry of the outside becoming firm, stale, or hard. The material of the Cheese Sleeve is made of a stretchy material making sure that it is able to fit over any width of rectangular cheese and securely stays tightly in place allowing no air to seep through.

A Unique Invention to Display Your Cheeses

Whether you’re a big fan of cheese or not, it’s hard to deny a good cheese board or charcuterie board! When preparing for a great dinner with friends, the host will always want their presentation to as visually appealing as possible – and tasty! Having a great display of your cheese is not only a great discussion piece for your dining room, but also makes it convenient to set up a quick cheese board for snacking as soon as possible. Cupola is a smart invention made to allow users to store their cheese on countertops and not worry as the invention proved a cool and temperature regulated environment, safe for the cheesed to be stored in. If you ever need to move your cheese from countertop to table, you can easily pick it up, lift it from a handle, move it, and open it for consumption through a small door. Cupola is a helpful, convenient, and unique invention perfect for all cheese lovers since it allows quick access, safe storage, and an aesthetically pleasing design all in one!

A Unique Invention to Help You Grate Cheese

If you find yourself putting cheese on everything, you probably constantly make use of a traditional grater. A problem with the metal graters that we are so familiar with is the constant struggle of trying not to hurt yourself and still efficiently grate your cheese – especially when you find yourself on a smaller block of cheese! The Zyliss Rotary Cheese Grater is a quick, convenient and unique invention to help you in grating your cheese for any meal! Simply put your pieces of cheese near the top handle, press down and rotate the wheel and watch as your cheese grates quickly and efficiently. The wheel comes in two different sizes depending on what kind of cheese you’re using (hard vs. soft) and can easily be removed for easy cleaning too. The grater is not only perfect for cheese but apparently also works well for chocolate, perfect for a fondue night!

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