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MAKO Design + Invent on What Makes a Product More Valuable: Aesthetic vs. Function

One of the most common questions we receive at MAKO Design + Invent is what we believe makes a successful product. A large part that takes part in creating a successful product is knowing what factors help to make your overall finished product valuable.

Valuable products are more likely to be successful because they are of value to not only consumers and target audiences, but also towards the inventor and aspiring small business owner themselves. Through creating a valuable product, you not only push-start yourself towards a journey of entrepreneurship but also invest in the future of a product that can increase in value once it takes off.

Below, the MAKO strategy team discusses and looks at the place of value within products and explores what the best product design services can offer to make your product more valuable than others.

Why a Valuable Product is Important?

By definition, value entails that something possesses worth. When receiving the best product design services, it’s important to understand what makes a product worthy since the definition of ‘worthy’ can vary depending on who the targeted audience is.

Ultimately, making a product that can overall help add something of value to someone’s life – such as ease, convenience, efficiency, innovation, or entertainment – is typically the goal you want to shoot for.

The more important that the product plays in another person’s life, the more it can be deemed as valuable. Therefore, a valuable product is important because it can help solve a huge issue or problem for a large number of people that they can’t imagine functioning without it.

Some believe there are certain ways or factors that make a product more valuable than others, such as brand-name value, material, and looks, but there exists a huge discrepancy between a valuable product that is valuable for its aesthetics vs. its functions.

The Value of Aesthetics in Your Product Design Services

It is undeniable to say that looks and design play a big part in creating a product, especially when considering creating a valuable product. The value of aesthetics in trying to create a product that is valuable to a targeted or large amount of consumer audience is possible through a number of different factors.

The best product design services will help explain to you the value of focusing on aesthetics in order to make a valuable product add appeal to a product that helps it stand out in a saturated market. With so many different products out there that may be similar to your product, having a special design that sets it apart from what is already out there is a way to appeal to audiences and catch their attention.

Specifically creating a product with its emphasis on design is a perfect way to appeal to audiences through creating a novelty like an effect on your product that makes others more likely to take interest in your product because it is a unique conversation piece. Finally, focusing on aesthetics and design is a trendy way to gain the attention of audiences who may be looking for products that are currently popular and within the mainstream wave of what everyone else around them is using.

The Festken Water Bottle, invented by one of MAKO’s clients, is an aesthetically pleasing product with great multi-functions!

The Value of Function in Your Product Design Services

Another way to create a valuable product is to create a product that places its value more on its function rather than design. Although it is possible to create a product with an amazing and appealing design, such as some of the products developed by MAKO, the best product design service will usually highly recommend focusing more on the function of your product over its aesthetic appeal.

By placing more emphasis and importance on the function of your product, you have a better chance of aiming at the overall success of your product within the market. Overall, consumers want a product that functions and works well, and having a great design isn’t enough if the product doesn’t work!

Additionally, a functional product guarantees you more longevity in the market and lifetime value for the future of your new business venture or journey. Having a trendy product works for a short amount of time while it appeals to audiences but has the possibility of faltering as trends die down.

Finally, a functional product is ideal for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs and begin entrepreneurship. Having a functional product is also overall better for branding and makes audiences more aware of who your business is and the quality of what you are known for producing (a well functioning product that works).

Made by one of MAKO’s clients, the Clasp Magic is the perfect example of a product that prioritizes function over aesthetics!

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO today and visit our website to find out more. Or feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO, and we can set you up on a call with our product strategist!

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