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Design Trends: Geometric Pattern Product Designs 

The product design field is always progressing! Always. Inventors and creative professionals are constantly looking for new ways to stay on top of innovation. For this reason, just like most industries, the product design field is frequently subject to being influenced by emerging design trends.

One design trend we’ve recently noticed in new products, furniture, and architecture is the use of geometric shapes and complex geometric patterns. Given its rising popularity, we thought we would share the MAKO Design + Invent Strategy Team’s thoughts on this new product design trend.

Importance of Design Trends

At MAKO, we view observing invention design trends as an incredibly exciting part of the job. We ensure to consider what is trending and follow along with the progression of design innovation on a regular basis. We firmly believe that design trends reveal not only where the future of design may be headed but also how society’s values, aesthetic choices, and interests are influenced and changed.

Following invention design trends is great for staying up-to-date on the evolution of art within the design realm. They prove that no matter how simple or strange an idea can be, it can powerfully elevate or allow for new discoveries to be made that inspire creatives across the world.

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Geometric Designs in Products

Incorporating geometric patterns in product design is an idea that can impactfully improve the design of a product overall. Since there are usually two major components of product design that an inventor must focus on – the aesthetic design and the function – using geometric patterns is a great design strategy, as it has the potential to effectively fulfill both those areas.

The desired functionality of a product may require it to transform or move in a way that is both fluid and allows the user to handle the product with ease. As such, using a geometric design is helpful in achieving this, as you can use more simple geometry to configure how the products will transform.

It will be much easier than figuring out how to make irregular shapes interact and flow. Geometric pattern design makes it easier for the shapes within the product design to transform and work in conjunction or multifunctional ways while adding extra visual appeal to your product.

Another appeal-enhancing benefit of using geometric design is that it is exceptionally interesting from an aesthetic point of view. Combining these shapes with vibrant color patterns will make for an especially captivating product design. It can also allow for a minimalistic design, that isn’t boring but is easy on the eyes!

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Examples of Products with Geometric Pattern Design

To help exemplify why geometric pattern product design is one of the best invention design trends, here are some great products with geometric designs that show how geometry affects the ease of functionality and aesthetic of the product.

Afloat – A Geometrical Transformative Couch

Afloat is a unique product design that possesses two different functionalities and has an overarching emphasis on comfort. Although it may simply look like a couch with a fun, geometric pattern design, it can also be transformed into a safety boat!

Simply turn the angular couch over onto its side and remove the pillows to see the mainframe, which has been designed to serve as a makeshift wooden boat. Transforming a house product used daily into a safety product that can be used in the event of a flood or natural disaster is brilliant! It also shows how geometric design is one of the best invention fads trending today.

Multifunctional Stools

People who live in small apartments or homes can especially benefit from geometric product design. It optimally allows for the development of products that are transformative yet powerfully functional.

These multifunctional stools created by TAMEN are inspired by traditional Japanese puzzles that strategically use geometric design to allow two products to fit into one structure. Combined, the piece can serve alternatively as a decorative podium or side table, but when deconstructed, it transforms into two separate stools!

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