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The Most Innovative Designs in Cat and Dog Houses

While staying home, a lot of people are beginning to appreciate the importance of having a great interior design that helps maintain a calming environment and increase their feelings of comfort. A big challenge in interior design, however, is finding both an aesthetically pleasing yet properly functional cat or doghouse that accommodates for your interior design and your pet’s needs. Here are a Toronto Invention Design Firm’s favorite picks for pet homes that can ensure a pleasant experience for both your pet and your eyes!

Multifunctional Cat House

As a Toronto invention design firm, we all agree that multifunctionality is a great feature that is important in creating both an appealing and useful product. The Wool Lodge is a cat home that works multi functionally to suit both your needs and the needs of your cat. The Wool Lodge provides not only a safe space for your pet, complete with a litterbox but also a soft surface made of merino wool that allows your pet to have a comfortable place to lounge around and sleep. You can opt to make the house only for sleep and swap out the litterbox for a cushion or keep the litterbox and wool cover to enjoys both functionalities of this handy cat home!

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Why a Customizable Cat House Fit Our Toronto Invention Design Aesthetic

Customizable furniture is a great option for interior design and home pieces since the novelty of being able to play around with different designs and functionalities can help you create a piece that best caters to your needs. Our Toronto invention design firm picked this modular cat house that allows you to customize your own special cat home that perfectly fits the needs of your cat. Whether you have a lazy cat that prefers comfort, or an active cat, simply rearrange the modular cat house to incorporate different elements such as play structure, scratch pads, materials and cushions to play around and see what set up works best for your cat. The best part about this cat home is how it can work for multiple cats and can work around any interior design aesthetic that your home may have.  

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A Modern Designed Doghouse

It can easily be said that one of the most popular styles for interior design, observed for our Toronto invention design firm, has been modern and minimalistic design. For those who want to incorporate modern design into every aspect of their lives and keep a clean aesthetic to their homes, the MKD9 Doghouse is a modern doghouse that can fit perfectly with any home. Not only do you elevate the look of your own home, but you give a full equipped and luxurious safe space for your dog that incorporates a custom bed, an outdoor eating area, and an aluminum nameplate. The doghouse is detailed with teak (a popular material for interior design) and made of concrete, giving it a solid and high-quality structure that works perfectly for the outdoors and keeps your dog protected.

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Using 3D Printed Technology to Create a Unique Doghouse

If you love to play with both your interior design and your dog the Fetch House is the perfect doghouse made for you and your dog! The Fetch House incorporates cool design features such as being made of a 3D printed structure that holds a thousand tennis balls to complete the outer design layer of the house. Not only is the Fetch House convenient for when you want to quickly grab a ball to play with your dog, but can be customized and played around with to incorporate windows, ventilation or just a design of your choosing, to add to the aesthetic value of the house! The Fetch House is a fun and innovative design that helps both the reflect the owner’s creativity and the needs of the dog to make for a fun addition to any home. The best thing about it is that the structure of the house can be easily printed from a 3D printer, available at most maker spaces.

Want to keep in touch with your pet while you’re away? Check out the Petbot, designed by Toronto invention design firm, Mako Design!

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