Going Wireless: The Appeal and Success of Wireless Products

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Design, Electronic Design, Innovation, Product Design

When approaching product design and invention design services, there are a lot of strategies that one can take in order to help enhance and improve their designs. When working with products that feature electrical components, a popular tactic has been to approach the product design with the intent to be completely and entirely wireless, or cordless. There are a lot of reasons why wireless and cordless design become a popular requirement amongst digital devices, such as progressing forward the product market for innovation, convenience, and efficiency. Below are some examples of wireless products and why they perform so well within the market and appeal to mass audiences.

Redesigning a Traditional Product with Wireless Innovation

Taking a traditional product and turning it wireless is a great form of using invention design services to redesign and innovating the product market field. The AER cordless and portable hairdryer is an example of how we can take a traditional product, such as the hairdryer, and observe in different ways of how it can be improved. Rather than being stuck near a wall plug or in the bathroom to dry your hair, you can easily move around and multitask while simultaneously drying your hair. Not only is it efficient in helping you dry your hair, but it includes a bunch of helpful features such as being able to signify the temperature of the hairdryer, and even incorporates IoT to connect to an app that helps you expert hairstyling and drying tips. The AER runs on batteries that can last to up to 4 hours of usage and comes with a cord in case you find yourself out of the battery.

Invention Design Services

Using Invention Design Services to Create a Unique Wireless Product

Combining tech and the product industry is how we can use invention design services to integrate two different fields and gain appeal from a larger and wider range of audiences. Cuppa is a wireless innovation that combines both tech innovation with home décor to create a portable and cordless lamp that you can pick up and carry anywhere you need light. The design of the light makes it different from other portable lights in that it can serve as an interior design piece that is easy to move around and use for different parts of your home. While maintaining its aesthetic, the lamp is touch-activated, weighs the same as a coffee cup, and can run for 12 hours straight on a full battery.

Invention Design Services

Going Wireless to Improve Efficiency and Convenience – The Cordless Vacuum

By far one of the biggest advantages of creating a wireless or cordless product through invention design services is how much easier it is for the product’s function to be done in a more efficient and convenient matter. When working with products that require us to move around to use (such as sports, or cleaning products), removing the limit of an electrical cord and finding alternative ways to function an electrical product is ideal to help innovate and progress forward our productivity. The Lupe cordless vacuum is an example of just that. The Lupe is a powerful, functional, portable, and easy to use design for a vacuum with a battery-powered motor that allows the vacuum to be used and carried anywhere. The vacuum comes with added benefits such as the ‘suction intensifier,’ a technology used to double the cleaner suction for a better clean. With no cord and removable battery pack that can be charged when needed, Lupe is a great example of how to make a product more efficient and convenient for anywhere.

Invention Design Services

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Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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