Oakland Industrial Design Company’s Favorite Headphone Designs

Mako Design’s Favorite Headphone Product Designs

A Sustainable Headphone Product Design Made of Cork!

Sustainable design is a smart and innovative way to approach product design. Society and consumers are leaning more and more towards more environmentally healthy designs in order to have longer-lasting and quality products that simultaneously help benefit our planet.

Named ‘Songs,’ these cork headphones are an interesting and innovative way to turn cork – a versatile material into use for sustainable product designs. The headphones made of cork are not only sustainable but super light, non-allergic, resilient, sound insulation, moisture-proof, and soft to the touch!

Anyone who uses headphones daily knows that headphones should be made with great quality materials that help the headphones last; luckily, cork is not only a great sustainable material but makes for a high-quality product that is also easy to repair.

Our Oakland industrial design company loves how the design is simple, made of cork, electric parts, steel, and foam, and is not held together using glue or upholstery, meaning that its build is made to last and of high quality!

Oakland industrial design company

A Modular Headphone Design Our Oakland Industrial Design Company Loves!

Another big trend within product design is modular design! Modular design has found itself in many different fields of product design, and our Oakland industrial design company was excited to see modular design incorporated within headphone design!

The DE-MO headphones stand for detachable and modular, and they do exactly just that! These headphones are designed to feature replaceable speakers, cables, and headband accessories that you can use to customize and build your own audio experience based on your specific needs.

The headphones are designed with a trendy, minimalistic look, adding more to their unique appeal. You can add more features through independent parts such as a microphone and volume control, making the headphone design unique to you.

Oakland industrial design company

The Worlds First Wireless Headphones

When Apple released the notoriously popular air pods, many headphone users were excited to see the development of completely wireless earphones. However, those who didn’t perfect to hand earphones were out of luck as they had yet to exist wireless headphones.

Our Oakland industrial design company recommends The Human Headphones as a solution for every headphone fan who wants a wireless experience. The Human Headphones are the world’s first truly wireless headphones.

The Human Headphones are designed as two little cups that rest on top of your ears, rather than in, just like traditional headphones. They come with the convenience of being completely wireless and are made with high-quality material giving you great sound and amazing battery life.

These headphones are designed with functionality first in mind, are easy to navigate through the touch surface, and can even translate up to 11 different languages in real-time using Google!

Finally, these innovative headphones are still able to be used while charging by snapping them together and transforming them into Bluetooth speakers, making them a great two-in-one product!

Oakland industrial design company

AI Integrated Transformable Headphones Recommended by Our Oakland Industrial Design Company

AI integration is a popular way that inventors have approached innovating traditional product designs to make them more fit and suitable to the needs of current society! Thus, our Oakland industrial design company was glad to see headphones that incorporate AI, such as the AudiBall!

The AudiBall is a Bluetooth-connected headphone that can transform into a spherical smart speaker. The Audiball can not only act as headphones and a Bluetooth speaker but also has built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant capabilities.

The overall design of the AudiBall was inspired by origami, which explains the intricate and unique design that makes it able to transform from headphones into a spherical ball. All controls placed on the Audiball are intuitively and conveniently placed so that you can access and adjust them with ease.

Finally, the device is waterproof, dust-proof, and durable, perfect for headphone users looking for high-quality headphone design.

Oakland industrial design company

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