Award-winning Industrial Design Firm Wins 2021 Muse Design Award

Mako Design Walks Away Victorious in the 2021 MUSE Design Awards

Congratulations to our award-winning industrial design firm, Mako Design! The 2021 MUSE Creative Awards and MUSE Design Awards have officially drawn to a close after officially announcing the winners.

Indeed, with over 3942 entries entered from all over the world, the competition has shown itself to be one of the leading programs in honouring creative and design excellence.

Austin industrial design firm's client's CNCT wins Muse Design Award.

2021 Muse Design Award Winning Entry: CNCT Cooler

This year, our award-winning industrial design firm decidedly takes the Silver award in the competition. The winning work was the CNCT, which was created for and in collaboration with our client Graeme Whitehead.

“The CNCT is an incredible product, and we’re proud to have won this award,” says Kevin Mako. “As a cooler built for and inspired by the Tesla Model 3, our team was driven to match the sleekness and minimalistic style of the vehicle – the CNCT is a brilliantly simple design.”

The uniquely shaped CNCT slides perfectly in the rear trunk of the Tesla Model 3. Firstly, this high-capacity hard cooler holds up to 17 litres/quarts of your favourite foods and drinks. Secondly, the lid is fully detachable and locks on the top edge of the cooler.

As for the finish, the metallic handles contrast sharply against the smooth and familiar Tesla red exterior. Above all, the most interesting feature of our award-winning industrial design firm is how the handles eject from the topside of the cooler with a simple press.

The International Awards Associate (IAA) hosts the MUSE Awards competition. Certainly, this competition caters to professionals from various industries in hopes of promoting excellence in their respective fields. “There is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA. “It couldn’t be any further from the truth – there is always something fresh and exciting from the competitors every year.”

IAA ensures impartiality and strict assessment criteria by setting up a jury made up of industry professionals who exhibit high standards of excellence. As a result, the jury would select a new wave of excellent individuals, industrial design firms, or organizations. To clarify, each would likely set new benchmarks in their fields.

Austin industrial design firm's client's CNCT.

Grand Jury Panel

Jurors numbered as many as 44, found worldwide from organizations and industrial design firms from 23 countries. Jurors include Director of DNgroup Aps Frederick Rickmann, Owner and Founder of UArchitects Misak Terzibasiyan, and many more.

Every single entry is evaluated using standards found in their respective industries. Thus, to best ensure impartiality, jurors blindly judge each entry. Therefore, jurors assess each entry purely on its own merits.

International Brand Participation

Garnering worldwide interest, the MUSE Creative and MUSE Design Awards saw names of known organizations and industrial design firms from all over the world in its list of entries.

“Our platform exists to promote and encourage excellence in different bodies of professionals in varying industries,” Ong said. “Given the recent pandemic, the team in IAA is continuously humbled by the sheer perseverance and willpower shown by people in overcoming the odds in their respective industries. As long as this platform exists, we will continue to sing praises of those who, in adversity, displayed their mettle, embodying excellence regardless of their environment.”

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