CNCT Invention Design Review from Star YouTube Influencer

Massive Tesla Influencer Reviews Our Client, CNCT, on YouTube!

Only the best. It’s what Tesla fans have come to expect from Elon Musk when it comes to every aspect of their electric vehicles – as one of the more vocal communities, it’s what separates them from other auto enthusiasts. Zealously, they discuss every accessory, part, attachment, or anything that comes within the vicinity of their beloved car.

Leading the charge is Trevor, the founder of Tesla Owners Online. Boasting over 80,000 followers on Twitter, 70,000 followers on YouTube, 7,500 followers on Facebook, and their own forum with over 40,000 members, they are one of the definitive Tesla communities in the world. From his tips about the hidden details of the Tesla Model 3 to the ins and outs of the Model Y, Trevor is – without a doubt – the expert on all things Tesla. That’s why we’re so excited to find out that Trevor reviewed the invention design of the CNCT!

Our client’s award-winning CNCT is the first custom-designed premium cooler for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

“I like to review products that I believe in,” Trevor states early on in his video. As a Tesla expert, you can imagine he gets tons of requests to review their products – it comes with the territory. But the CNCT invention design stood out from the rest, even as a 3D CAD, “when I was shown just the renders… I was super impressed.” Here’s what else he had to say.

Trevor from Tesla Owners Online reviewing the CNCT.

The Specs

“This is a premium cooler,” he says as he points out the super durable, rotomolded design. If it’s your first time hearing this term, it’s short for rotational moulding. It’s the process of hollowing out plastic by slowly rotating and heating it to create evenly thick and dense walls for increased strength and durability. Within the walls are 2 lbs of commercial-grade, rigid-density, closed-cell polyurethane foam to insulate the cooler. In other words, you can count on the CNCT to keep your beverages ice-cold for at least two whole days.

Speaking of beverages, it can hold 24 beers with plenty of room for ice. The lid is also fully removable and doubles as a serving tray, or you can conveniently lock it vertically on the top side of the cooler when not in use. And if you ever forget your opener, just look underneath the lid to find a beautifully hidden bottle opener magnetically held in a shallow groove at the very centre.

The Design

“I can’t say enough good things about the handles,” exclaims Trevor. Honestly, we lost count of how many times he said he loved the invention design of the handles on the CNCT. Whether it’s the satisfying click of the spring-loaded mechanism or the way it sits flush with the top of the cooler, it’s a design that even the most demanding Tesla fan will appreciate. And why shouldn’t they? The handle design was inspired by none other than the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y door handles.

When you open the cooler, you’ll notice the top surface is smooth and flat to the touch, matching the same modern and sleek feel as Tesla vehicles. To achieve this we had to create a custom-fitted gasket to preserve this incredible design. “It really has a tight seal on it, I like that,” says Trevor as he picks the CNCT up by the lid to show how airtight the enclosure is. Of course, the CNCT fits perfectly in your Model 3 and Y trunk and Model Y frunk (front trunk for the uninitiated). As for the finish, the metallic handles contrast sharply against the smooth and familiar Tesla red exterior.

CNCT Invention Design


Trevor calls it the ultimate cooler for the Tesla Model 3 and the Model Y. “There’s certainly a trend these days towards premium products, but nothing like this. This is a purposed-designed cooler that fits your Model 3 and Model Y. So if you’re looking for something like that, I think this is the one to take a look at.” Huge praise for the CNCT invention design from one of the biggest influencers in the automotive world.

For the full review, click the YouTube link: Tesla Owners Online CNCT Review

Want to be part of the conversation? Join their Trevor on the Tesla Owners Online forum and follow their social media channels below.

Tesla Owners Online

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