EV product design in California: InsideEVs Reviews Our Client's CNCT

InsideEVs, One of the Biggest International Electric Vehicle Communities in the World Review our client’s CNCT

It’s the perfect summer companion. It recently won a Muse award for outstanding design. Now it’s getting tons of love from high-profile reviewers from around the world. It’s our client, CNCT. Tom Moloughney from InsideEVs is the latest expert to review the CNCT. The CNCT is currently the only premium cooler designed for the Tesla Model 3 vehicle. If you didn’t know, MAKO provides EV product design in California and many other cities across North America. When we heard that one of the biggest electric vehicle communities in the world loved the CNCT, we couldn’t wait to share it with all of you on our blog.

InsideEVs is a global outlet that shares the latest news, reviews, and comparisons related to EV product design. But, it goes beyond just sharing news. As they say online, they “dissect it, promote it, and, most importantly, examine the how, what, and why of electric vehicles.” Quite an undertaking indeed. It’s even more impressive when you consider they have boots on the ground all over the world, not just in the United States. Their global presence extends to France, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Germany, and Turkey. Here’s what Tom had to say about the CNCT.

InsideEVs reviews our team's EV product design in California, the CNCT.

What InsideEVs loves About the CNCT

Tom dives straight into how great handles are on our client’s EV product design. “They’ve got these neat handles that recess into the sides,” he says. I’ve tried it, our team has tried it, the handles are ridiculously cool. You’ve got to try it for yourself. For almost everyone he lays their eyes on the cooler for the first time, the first thing they notice is the stark contrast of the metallic handles from the familiar Tesla red body. Taking inspiration from Tesla vehicle door handles, our team that does EV product design in California created these unique handles to be discretely hidden within the sides of the cooler when retracted and not in use. A feature that we’re sure almost every Tesla enthusiast will love.

“This thing is really well made. It’s really thick; filled with insulation,” Tom raves. You’re absolutely right about this EV product design Tom. Insulated within the walls and the lid of the cooler is rotomolded polyurethane to keep up to 17 liters of your contents fresh for up to two days. Rotomolding also results in denser and stronger walls for higher durability.

For the full review about the specs and how it fits in the other Tesla models (not just the Model 3 by the way!) check out their YouTube video here!

CNCT Invention Design

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