Product Design Agency in Austin: Client's Gearing Up for Something Big!

MAKO Client CNCT is Gearing Up for Something MASSIVE

Our product design agency in Austin has some big news to share with you. Our client, CNCT, has a brand new re-launch website! We’ll cut to the chase, even we don’t know what they have in store for you. The only way for you to find out is if you click the link below and reserve your re-launch invite. Those who sign-up will also receive an exclusive discount!

The CNCT from our poduct design agency in Austin.

CNCT | Custom Designed Cooler for Tesla Models – S 3 X Y

First time hearing about the CNCT? It’s a custom-made cooler designed and developed by us, MAKO Design + Invent. Our Austin product design agency is especially proud of this invention as we secured two recognitions for this design. The CNCT won silver in the 2021 MUSE Design Awards and was a finalist in Creativepool’s The Creative Industry’s “Most” Award 2021.

The CNCT slides perfectly in both the trunk and the frunk of the Model S, X and Y, and the trunk of the Model 3. The first thing you’ll notice about the CNCT is the smooth and familiar Tesla red exterior. Take a closer look and you’ll find that our product design agency placed the two metallic handles that eject from the topside of the cooler with a simple press. Indeed, these handles were inspired by the door handles on the Model 3 and Model Y. This hard cooler holds up to 17 quarts/liters of all your favorite snacks, foods and beverages. That’s about 20 beers FYI. It even keeps everything cool and fresh for up to two days. Impressively, there’s a cherry on top… literally. Underneath the top of the cooler is a bottle opener – just in case you forgot yours. 

On this brand new launch website is some even more great info about the product design. Like how each CNCT is made right here in America. There are also great reviews from some of the biggest Tesla influencers in the world. Influencers like Trevor, the Founder of Tesla Owners Online couldn’t stop raving about the innovative handles on the CNCT. His YouTube channel alone has over 70,000 followers! Tom from InsideEVs, a massive global media outlet for all things EV, loved the high-quality and beautiful finish that’s unlike any hard cooler out there. 

But that’s enough from us.

Go check out CNCT’s relaunch page today and sign up today to reserve your re-launch invite!

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