We are a product development, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and electrical design services company for small product businesses and manufacturers.

MAKO Design is an end-to-end full-service product development firm tailored mostly to small to mid-size companies.  With a 25-person team across 4 offices (Austin, Miami, Toronto, and soon Shanghai), MAKO has end-to-end in-house industrial design, mechanical design, electrical design (both hardware and firmware), and prototyping services.  We work seamlessly with your team to ensure your next-generation products are modern, reliable, and cost-effective. We have decades of experience developing hundreds of products. Whether it is a complete product re-design, new product line, or just a helping hand when in need, our team is here to ensure your product business is a booming success! Scroll down to find out more about how Mako Design is setting a new bar for hardware design services.


MAKO Named Top 100 of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies!

MAKO Named Top 100 of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been delighted to hear that Mako Design + Invent has been awarded for numerous exceptional awards and recognitions. In recent company news, one of the most infamous company ranking lists – Growth 500 – has listed Mako Design +...

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Catch MAKO on Season 3 of Make48 Airing Nationally!

Catch MAKO on Season 3 of Make48 Airing Nationally!

Mako Design + Invent on the Third Season of Make48 Back in 2018, we were excited to hear that Mako Design + Invent received the opportunity to appear on National TV! As one of the leading and top product development firms in North America, it is extremely important...

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Mako’s Client Moonlite Gets Major Celebrity Endorsements

Mako’s Client Moonlite Gets Major Celebrity Endorsements

When the children's toy home inventor Natalie Rebot came to us in back in 2016, we knew her product idea was brilliant and had huge potential. Her innovative idea was to create a more magical way of telling bedtime stories that would keep young children engaged by...

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MAKO Client Backed With $100,000 Deal on Dragons’ Den

MAKO Client Backed With $100,000 Deal on Dragons’ Den

We're so excited to share that our client, Jonathan Schloo, a Toronto inventor, was just backed on CBC's Dragon's Den with a whopping $100,000 deal! His ingenious invention is something we should all have in our homes, and with the plan to sell the product in stores...

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MAKO Named to the Prestigious Growth 500 Award

MAKO Named to the Prestigious Growth 500 Award

Recently Canadian Business named industrial design studio, MAKO as one of the prestigious 2018 Growth 500 list. Companies found themselves a spot on this list by growing their revenues by 799% between 2012 and 2017. Collectively these companies have employed 41,492...

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Product Development Services for Small but Growing Companies

Industrial Design Services

World-class design practices, industrial designers from top-tier companies such as Dell, Nike, Boeing, and Bose, state-of-the art software and computers, and over 500 products designed at MAKO – Just a few of the reasons we set a new bar for phenomenal Industrial Design services.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design services include Mechanical Design, Tool Design, Production Design, FDM, FEM, Ribbing, Draft Angles, BOM, etc.

Electrical & PCB Design

We are one of only a few design firms worldwide that have full PCB Design, Chip development, and Firmware coding, all in-house!

Prototypes / Prototyping

We do industrial, mechanical, and electronic prototyping.  From mock-up prototypes to fully functioning finished electronic products.  Our prototyping experience is bar-none: We make over 50 presentation-grade prototypes every year for clients.


It’s extremely exciting to be revolutionizing the incredible industry of industrial design and development. For each project we earn, we are given the responsibility of developing something amazing to disrupt and improve an entire product market segment for the client. Our goal, simply put, is to make our clients’ product businesses hugely successful.

Kevin Mako

CEO, MAKO Design + Invent


Kevin Mako


Ryan Davidson

Senior Product Strategist

Tim Uys

Director of Design

Justin Bui

Electrical Engineering Manager

Joe Brod

Senior Product Strategy

Rick Stockton

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Leona Lyons

Project Management Director

Bruce Lee

Senior Industrial Designer

Robert Colgan

Senior Industrial Designer

Luther Yap

Senior Mechanical Designer

Magnus Skold

Senior Industrial Designer

Demsey Kirkwood

Mechanical Engineer

Hossein Kazemi

Mechanical Designer

Joe Shim

Director of Finance

Jesse Waldin

Technical Research Analysist

Paul Davis

Industrial Designer

Amy Rogers

Project Manager

Cameron Navarre

Mechanical Designer

Justin Tyra

Mechanical Engineer

Sergio Martinez

Industrial Designer

Leighann Roden

Hiring Manager

Helen Dworaczek

Office Coordinator

Navdeep Singh

Electronics Designer


Ready for MAKO to turn your product into the next big success?!

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