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Our Client’s Wearable Tech Perfect for Holiday Gifts & Other Gift Ideas

As holiday shopping is just around the corner, it’s an important time to make sure that you get your gifts ready as soon as possible! A great gift idea that will both amaze and be extremely useful is a wearable tech invention. With the popularity of wearable tech taking over new innovations and inventions, people are discovering the usefulness and convenience of having a handy, multi-functional, and portable device that can help them out at any time. Here are some of the latest tech devices that will make great gifts for this holiday season!

A Wearable Tech Gift Great for a Gym Rat

The fitness world and wearable tech are no strangers to each other. As inventors observe the world of fitness and try to come up with the newest ways to help track one’s help, new inventions that incorporate maximizing health benefits for the average gym go-er are abundant within the tech market.

However, unlike most fitness-based wearable tech devices, rather than just tracking steps, distance, and calories, the Push Band is designed to enhance athletic performance by tracking lifts performed in the gym, keeping tabs on workout history and goals while tailoring specific gym routines.

Perfect for any health or gym-obsessed friend, this armband is able to track your activity in the gym, detect exercise repetitions, and send real-time actionable feedback to your smartphone. Linked with an app, by tracking your activity you can decide whether to keep pushing through your tough workouts or hold back.

The Best Wearable Tech Gift for the Yoga Enthusiast

Yoga is an extremely popular activity and hobby that thousands of people have turned into a dedicated passion. If you know anyone who is obsessed with a healthy hobby, why not gift them a pair of leggings for their daily practice?

However, unlike a regular old pair of gym leggings, the NADI-X real technical apparel is a pair of technology-ingrained leggings that are designed to help guide the wearer through their workout. Using sensors, the leggings track the movement of the wearer and help guide the user through using gentle and light vibrations, accelerometers, and audio throughout the duration of their workout.

Linked through an app, the wearer is not only guided on how to improve their posture and positioning but also can help teach yoga! This is a perfect gift not only for yoga fans but for those who are interested in getting into yoga without the cost of taking classes.

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A Mako Client Invented Wearable Tech Gift Perfect for Anyone

Created by one of our loyal clients, Harp Gahunia, Harp had a clear vision about creating a wearable tech device that surpasses the hundreds of wearable tech watches out on the market today. His vision was guided by observing the faults and problems that existed within popular models of existing wearable tech and focusing on eliminating those problems in order to give consumers an easier and elevated experience when using their devices.

Thus, Kharaband was invented.

The genius behind Kharaband lies in its smart design in that while the watch features a super sleek and modern look, it performs the same functions as any other current-day wearable tech watch, except that the watch is designed to be more durable, offering an extended and more powerful battery life that lasts the user up to 5000 hours of wear and usage!

A Music Lovers Best Wearable Tech Gift

Everyone has that one person in their friend group that is obsessed with music. With learning an instrument being a difficult task and skill that needs to be nurtured and practiced over time, not a lot of people have the opportunity to indulge in their passion.

Luckily, a new innovation in music and wearable technology has led to the development of Gripbeats.

This innovation is a wearable bracelet that wraps around your wrist and hand and includes 32 individual touch-sensitive pressure sensors and 9-axis motion sensors they help the wearer have the diversity to play and learn how to play any musical sound just by the slight motions of their hands.

The device also links to an app that helps control and manipulate the sounds and music played by the device – almost acting like a mini digital audio interface. If you and your friends love to have jam sessions or ever aspired to be in a band, this is the perfect gift to get started on that journey!

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A Wearable Tech Gift Made Chic

Wearable tech in the form of a watch is no surprise to anyone but finding a tech watch that isn’t limited to a hard-industrial design can be hard to find! For this reason, Ringly was created to give tech fans a way to stay in touch with their digital devices without exactly needing to be on it.

The best part about this device is the modern and chic design that makes it not look like a wearable tech device at all! The watch comes with a large variety of different features and connects to over 200 apps to remind you whenever you receive a notification.

Along with keeping you connected, the watch can track your steps, remind you of your daily goals, guide you through meditation, and help you perform breathing exercises, keeping you healthy and stress-free.

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