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Innovative Products for Jewelry Fans!

A Minimal Smart Ring our California Product Design Firm Loves

Not all piece s of jewelry has to exist as simple accessories, the Circular Smart Ring is an example of how wearable technology and jewelry design combine into one to create an innovative product! The ring weighs 4 grams and sits on your ring finger. Our California product design firm loves how the outside of the ring is designed with both sleek and minimalistic look, the inside features a 3-axis accelerometer, a pulse sensor, an on-board computer, a Bluetooth module, and a battery that allows the ring to work for 2 days on one single charge! The ring is small, minimal but includes a bunch of different capabilities and features! The ring is able to track your fitness, monitor sleeping habits, functions as an alarm, features an AI assistant, and can deliver notifications. A great thing about this ring is that it is made to be able to be worn at all times and it water-resistant, scratch proof, and lightweight.

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A Jewelry Product Made by Our California Product Design Firm

The inventor of Clasp Magic, Alison Brett, came up with the genius invention idea for Clasp Magic after struggling throughout trying to put on her own bracelets. Amid her struggles, she realized that this may be a problem that she cannot be experiencing on her own. Alison saw a vision that she would come up with a solution that would solve this problem. Alison knew that starting a new small business and inventing wouldn’t be easy – especially when trying to raise a whole family! But with her determination and strong clear vision for the concept of Clasp Magic, Alison reached out to our California product design firm, Mako Design, to help build her successful product and start her small business journey! Clasp magic is an innovative jewelry product that helps you put on bracelets all on your own without the need of having someone nearby to help. The product works will all types of latches, making it a diverse product to use for a variety of bracelets!

Interested in purchasing or learning more about Claps Magic? You can visit the Website here!

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A Military Grade Bracelet that Never Breaks!

Our California product design firm believes that one of the best aspects of jewelry is that it can fit and suit anyone! The CABLE Stainless Steel Bracelet is a specially designed bracelet that is made to both acts as a fashionable accessory piece that is made of quality design. The specialty of this design brings both style and quality as the bracelet is designed with a simple look made from stainless steel and military-grade finishes. The bracelet is designed to last more than a lifetime, where the designers guarantee that if anything should happen to the bracelet, they will refurbish, maintain, and replace your bracelet forever. The bracelet also features beads that go on the cable and come in different designs that can be customized to your liking. The bracelet is also able to be converted into a necklace, giving it a multifunctional feature.

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Futuristic Jewelry Come to Life

If you’ve ever imagined what the future of jewelry design might be, you may have thought it would include a futuristic technological look! The eJOUX is an electronic jewelry design piece that satisfies everyone’s idea of ‘futuristic jewelry.” This piece uses Bluetooth technology in order to project any design, animation, or functionality that you upload! Our California product design firm loves how eJOUX is designed to fit as a bracelet or necklace and can connect to your devices. The piece can connect to your music player, display track names, and has sound-activated animation. The most interesting aspect of the eJOUX is that it is all done on flexible screen technology!

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