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168: The Future of Hardware Product Design Thinking

167: Get Free Earned Media for a New Hardware Product

166: Storytelling Tips for Hardware Product Launches

165: Iterative Design Processes & Tools for Hardware Development

164: The 3 Prototyping Phases for New Product Development

163: 2023 Trends in Product Development for Hardware Products

162: Product Pre-Launch Strategies For Crowdfunding Success

161: Build a Manufacturing Facility for Your New Product

160: Growing Your Hardware Product Through Paid Ads

159: Build a Community to Sell Your New Product Invention

158: Thinking Sustainability in Hardware Product Design

157: How Hardware Startups Compete with Big Business

156: The Evolution of Sales Channels for Hardware Products

155: Identifying a Sourcing Partner for Overseas Manufacturing

154: 3 Key Parts to Developing a Great New Product

153: The Evolution of CAD Product Development Software

152: Three Main Problems When Scaling a Hardware Startup

151: The AIDA Marketing Method for Hardware Startups

150: Building Product Prototypes with Your Design Team

149: How to Professionally Prototype your Invention Idea

148: Grow Your Hardware Product Sales Via Trade Shows

147: Transition from Hardware Product Startup to Hardware Scaleup

146: Transparency in the Design For Manufacturing Process

145: Expanding Your Startup Hardware Product Line

144: How to Sell a New Invention on Amazon Marketplace

143: Build Your Own Manufacturing For Your Invention

142: Preparing Your Product for Manufacturing Overseas

141: Product Sales Process for Hardware Startups

140: Local Manufacturing for a New Hardware Invention Idea

139: How to Scale Your Physical Product in Retail Stores

138: Using Audio Ads to Sell New Hardware Products

137: Customer Feedback at Physical Product Launches

136: Selling a New Physical Product with Google Ads

135: Performance Marketing for New Hardware Products

134: How to Sell Your Hardware Product B2B

133: Using Email Marketing to Sell Physical Products

132: Invention Success in the Construction Industry

131: Why Doing Good with Your Hardware Product Matters

130: Choosing an eCommerce Platform for your Hardware Product

129: The Best Hardware Product Development Processes

128: Creating an App for Your Hardware Device

127: Benefits of Makerspaces to Product Startups

126: What Makes a Consumer Product Invention Great

125: Pitching Your Invention to Big Product Businesses

124: Raising $1 Million for a Hardware Startup

123: Selling A Hardware Product on B2B Platforms

122: Modern Methods for New Product Development

121: Disrupt an Industry with your Hardware Invention

120: People & Mindset at a Hardware Startup

119: Planning for the Unexpected in Product Design

118: Behavioral Science of Subtraction in Product Design

117: Successful Equity Crowdfunding for Hardware Startups

116: How to Turn an Invention into a Product Business

115: How to Successfully Design & Launch a Toy Invention

114: Designing an MVP for a New Consumer Product

113: How Founders Develop Complex Hardware Products

112: Designing & Commercializing Robotics Inventions

111: Selling & Growing Your Product at Retail Stores

110: Design for Manufacturing Consumer Products

109: Landing Page Sales Funnels for Consumer Products

108: Hardware Design Tips from Apple & Intel Leader

107: Using Hardware Incubators for Product Startups

106: Building Your Hardware Product Team Early

105: Patenting Physical Consumer Product Inventions

104: Medical Device Certification vs Wellness Device

103: How to Get a New Product’s First B2B Sales

102: How Students Start Successful Hardware Businesses

101: Payment Processing for Small Hardware Manufacturers

100: Pitch Deck Storytelling for Hardware Funding

099: Accounts Receivable Funding for Big Orders

098: Expand eCommerce Sales via Product Bundling

097: How to Overcome Product Buyers’ Objections

096: How To Launch a Consumer Product at Trade Shows with Jim Cermak

095: Solve End-User Pain for Consumer Product Success

094: How New Startup Products Get Into Big Retailers

093: Selling Products Direct to End-Customers Online

092: Making a Product Video for Your Invention

091: Market Testing Prior to a Crowdfunding Launch

090: Disrupting Industries with AR/VR Technology

089: Selling Your Hardware Product Via Remote Meetings

088: The Importance of Sustainable Product Manufacturing

087: Purpose is a Big Part of Consumer Product Success

086: Marketing Fundamentals for Consumer Product Startups

085: Scaling Your Product Up After Crowdfunding

084: How To Raise Big Money for Your Hardware Startup

083: Benefits of Additive Manufacturing for New Inventions

082: Smooth Product Flow from Visual Design to Engineering

081: How To License Major Brands and Celebrities

080: How to Maximize Your Product’s Sales in Retail Stores

079: How To Start Selling Your Product Then Scale

078: Selling Products Direct to End-Users via Shopify

077: Using Prospective Customers to Develop a Product

076: Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Shipping to Customers

075: Launch a Product Big, with Host of QVC & ShopHQ

074: Medical Device Product Development Best Practices

073: Tips from the World’s Biggest Crowdfunding Agency

072: Why New Consumer Products Need to be Premium

071: Making a Better Product in a Competitive Market

070: Financing & Acquisition for Product Companies

069: PhD & Harvard Grad on the 4 Ps of Product Marketing

068: Partnership & Funding Legal Considerations for Product Startups

067: Modern Funding Tools for Hardware Product Startups

066: E-Commerce Platforms for Launching a Consumer Product

065 – Hardware Funding from Seed Financing to Millions

064 – Preparing and Executing Your Product’s First Production Run

063 – Hardware Startup Tips from a 22 Year Apple Exec

062 – Smoothing the Buying Process When Marketing Your New Product

061 – 5 Sales Channels a Home Inventor Mom Used to Launch Her Invention

060 – How to Professionally License Your New Product

059 – Best Practices for Quality Control on Overseas Production of Your Product

058 – How to Pitch Your Product to Retail Stores with Mark Shanahan

057: From Invention Idea to $100,000 on Dragon’s Den

056 – Mistakes, Opportunities, & Feedback with Kevin Mako

055 – Training Creativity to Get More (and Better) Ideas

054 – Food-safe Children’s Products, Dan & Justin with Milton the Mealtime Companion

053 – Manufacturing, Quality & 3D Printing

052 – The business model behind custom window coverings, Alice Orozco of Pret-a-Portiere

051 – Launching a turmeric-based alternative to coffee, Samantha & Elaine of Midas Cup

050 – Creating environmentally-friendly athletic apparel, Tim Christian of OORR

049 – Getting Angel Investment, with Juliana Garaizar of the Houston Angel Network

048 – As-Seen-On-TV Products & Product Licensing, Bill McAlister of Top Dog Direct

047 – Financial, legal and HR traps of buying and selling small businesses, Chris Ray & Chariss Tatman of C2 Group

046 – Bootstrapping Product Development, Stephanie Cummings & Tal Berke of Shlocker

045 – Product development and Kickstarter launch of Botanium, a product that helps people grow herbs and chilis – The Product

044 – Turning customizable jackets into a multi-million dollar business, Elyse Daniels of Exodus Wear – The Product Startup: Product

043 President Trump’s Proposed Trade Policies & U.S. Manufacturing, Chris Mitchell of – The Product Startup: Product

042 – All-Natural Insect Repellant & Reusing Failed Products, Stacy Marking with Lemongrass Trading Co – The Product

041 – Testing Stereo Components with Jay DeMerit of RockIt Logs – The Product Startup: Product development for small business

040 – Stop Overpaying Your Small Business Taxes, Diane Gardner of Tax Coach 4 You – The Product Startup: Product development for small

039 – Developing a Rock Crushing Machine & Quality Control with Tim Pannell of Rocksgone – The Product Startup: Product

038 – Validating Conflict-Free Jewelry in Pop-Up Shops with Farah Qureshi – The Product Startup: Product development for small

037 – Launching a Minecraft-Inspired Product with Ruth Stone of Boxhead Crafts – The Product Startup: Product development for

036 – Helping Wildlife & Developing Ceramic Products with Gavin Christman of Green&Blue – The Product Startup: Product

035 – A 90-Day Advertising Strategy on a Budget with Paul Potratz of The Growth Mindset – The Product Startup: Product

034 – Staying Motivated & Overcoming Lack of Money, Time & Skills – The Product Startup: Product development for small business

033 – Top Crowdfunding Mistakes with Khierstyn Ross of Crowdfunding Uncut – The Product Startup: Product development for

032 – Success in Small Niches with Jill Bong of Chicken Armor – The Product Startup: Product development for small business

031 – Product Design & Using Nostalgia in Marketing, Elizabeth Versace of Ecococoon – The Product Startup: Product development

030 – Launching a product with $500 and no industry knowledge, Josh Smith of Libertine Fragrance – The Product Startup: Product development

029 – Making a Social or Environmental Impact with Our Business, Adam Force of Change Creator – The Product Startup: Product development for small business

028 – Getting into HSN – the Home Shopping Network with Lisa Ruiz of Credible Products – The Product Startup: Product development

027 – Inventing the Arctic Stick & Crowdfunding with Brandon Adams of Keys to the Crowd – The Product Startup: Product

026 – Developing Shoes with Removable Heels, Tanya Heath of Tanya Heath Paris – The Product Startup: Product development for

025 – Industrial designer turned product-based business owner, Robson Splane of the Prorise Seat Assist – The Product Startup:

024 – Aligning passion & business with Terry Lin of Forever Home Blankets – The Product Startup: Product development for small

023 – Making Personal Connections to Customers with the Cheerbox, Tamar Lucien of Mental Happy – The Product Startup:

022 – Ecommerce Strategy & Customer Persuasion, Chloë Thomas of eCommerce MasterPlan – The Product Startup: Product

021 – Using Public Research to Develop WINK Lash and Brow Oil with Megan Cox of Amalie Beauty – The Product Startup: Product

020 – Creating Memorable Customer Experiences with Matt Ruedlinger of Triple R Marketing – The Product Startup: Product

019 – Organic haircare products with Susana Stewart & Caroline Maina of Fro Butter – The Product Startup: Product development for

018 – Re-inventing the walker with Jennifer Harris of Motivo – The Product Startup: Product development for small business

017 – Healthy Instant Noodles & Cutting-Edge Vending Machines with Damien Lee of Mr. Lee’s Noodles – The Product Startup: Product

016 – Gluten-free & allergy-friendly food with Luke Lucas of Foddies – The Product Startup: Product development for small business

015 – Becoming the online party supply leader in Australia with Dean Salakas of The Party People – The Product Startup: Product

014 – Targeting Low-Volume Customers & Building Custom Control Systems, Mickey Swortzel of New Eagle – The Product Startup

013 – From Kitchen to Amazon, Launching All-Natural Cake Mix for Dogs with Kelly Costello of Puppy Cake – The Product Startup: Produ

012 – Testing product ideas. 7 inventors & small business owners share advice – The Product Startup: Product development for

011 – DIY Design & Manufacture of a Baskeball Training Tool with Tony Devine of The Original Profender – The Product Startup: Product

010 – I have an idea, now what? Developing, testing & prototyping physical products. – The Product Startup: Product development for

009 – NDAs, Contracts, Insurance & Other Legal Tips with Gordon Firemark of Entertainment Law Update – The Product

008 – Temporary Face Masks & Surviving Shark Tank, Doug Marshall of The Game Face Company – The Product Startup: Product

007 – CNC Knitted Scarves & $100K Kickstarter Success, Fabienne Serrière of Knit Yak – The Product Startup: Product

006 – Customizable swimwear with Kelsey Duffy of Versakini – The Product Startup: Product development for small business

005 – Miniature construction materials with Mat Hofma & Erik Polumbo of Mini Materials – The Product Startup: Product development

004 – All-Natural Jerky & Serial Kickstarter Campaigns with Brad Summey of Savage Jerky – The Product Startup: Product

003 – Graphic design tips with Heidi Pungartnik of Design for Founders – The Product Startup: Product development for

002 – Prototyping, Manufacturing & Selling a Men’s Shirt Accessory, David M. Frankel of The Perky Collar – The Product Startup:

001 – Inventing and DIY Product Development – The Product Startup: Product development for small business

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